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Feeling great

Here are just some of the comments I have received from my clients

  • March 2019
    I came to Juliette incredibly broken from years of working with horses on a recommendation from a fellow horse rider. After fixing the initial chronic back pain, Juliette helped to get me in much better shape to cope with the work I was doing. In November 2017, I suffered a career ending Grade 2 tear to my calf muscle. With her help, I was back riding horses in 6 weeks and competing in 8 weeks. Now with an office job, my routine appointments help me with my dressage competing and the new stresses of sitting down for a job.
    Ms RS  •  March 2019
  • January 2019
    Juliette brings her patients excellent therapeutic skills wrapped in her own warm brand of compassion, empathy and humour all infused with sincere healing intent
    KB  •  January 2019
  • June 2018
    Juliette has an uncanny knack of quickly identifying exactly what has gone wrong with my rather unfit body and in putting it right. Her manipulative and deep tissue massage skills are unsurpassed. She always takes into account my very low pain threshold and distracts me with witty and erudite conversation during the course of each treatment session,
    JW long-term male patient  •  June 2018
  • February 2017
    Juliette may look as though she will blow away in the wind but believe me she has incredible strength and knows exactly where it hurts which is why all our family is treated by her
    Mrs Pugh  •  February 2017
  • February 2016
    Why choose Juliette Baysham? From the outset she listens, really listens, asks the right questions then treats the body as a whole, but, the most important difference for the patient, her treatments really work. Pain free after years of back pain, I now have 'maintenance' appointments which keep minor niggles from becoming acute problems
    Valerie, Cavendish  •  February 2016
  • January 2016
    Juliette has a gift. She has healing hands. They are strong and firm when they need to be but also soft and soothing. I cannot imagine treatment from anyone else.
    SC. Suffolk  •  January 2016
  • December 2015
    I am not sure how I would survive without Juliette's weekly attention to my aching body. The skill in her hands, her knowledge of anatomy and her uncanny feel for damaged or stressed tissue are an extraordinary gift. Her healing powers are also delivered with great compassion, her advice for daily routines at home is pitched with understanding of human frailties and she is always the most cheerful person to meet. I genuinely look forward to the next appointment
    GPG  •  December 2015
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