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Osteopathy aims to restore, maintain and promote physical and psychological well being in a patient-centred environment. As a health practitioner I consider each person as an individual.  Utilising osteopathic techniques, I work with your body to help create the best conditions to encourage the healing process.


Osteopathy is primarily a manual therapy and involves massage, mobilisation and spinal manipulation for the treatment of:


• Aches & pains – osteoarthritic, joint, lumbago, sciatica, rheumatic
• Acute & chronic back ache/pain
• Headache and migraine prevention
• Frozen shoulder & tennis elbow
• Sports injuries and tensions
• Cramp & muscle spasms
• Neuralgia
• Fibromyalgia
• Circulatory & Digestion problems
• Inability to relax


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I am CNHC registered for Craniosacral Therapy

I also practice osteopathy and provide nutritional advice together with yoga instruction.




Member of the ICrA - a not-for-profit special interest group of health professionals who include cranial therapy in their practice.