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As winter approaches, the nights draw in, the temperature drop, and we see less sunlight than at any other time of the year. Without the sun, we feel the effects of the dark cold days. Although we can take preventative measures including keeping warm, well hydrated and well fed, getting outside whenever we can for some fresh air and exercise, many of us may still succumb to winter illness.

Our already overstretched NHS is likely to be inundated people suffering from minor illnesses that perhaps we could treat ourselves at home. Western traditional medicine has much to offer and has saved many lives, but other complementary therapies can provide alternatives which may help us stay healthy and out of the doctor’s surgery.

With local initiatives like the Well-brahams’s walking and talk programmes, our community has many opportunities to live well. In previous issues of the Warbler, we looked at the Five Pillars of Health and here you will find some further ways to stay healthy.

Being well is mostly about self-care, but when we need extra help or advice, we are fortunate to have two doctors’ surgeries nearby, an excellent dental practice and a range of complementary therapists.

Advanced soft tissue massage and osteopathic spinal manipulation is provided by Jed Robinson ISRM. Jed played sport internationally and studied athletic training in America. Throughout training and competing, Jed was impacted by sports injuries which led him to train and qualify as an advanced soft tissue and osteopathic manipulation therapist. Soft tissue therapy combines manual techniques and sports/remedial massage to reduce muscle tension and promote blood flow: a great way to help you towards pain free movement. Homeopathy provides an individualised treatment to re-establish wellbeing and quality of life.

Sian Moss BSC LCHE works with people of all ages who struggle with a wide variety of physical complaints as well as stress and emotional issues. Most homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature. Prescriptions are chosen using a “like curing like” approach, by exploring not only a person’s symptoms, but also their predisposition and susceptibility to disease. It is used by some dentists and has been shown to be beneficial postoperatively following surgical procedures.

Francesca Fox-McConnell is a qualified IATS Theraplate therapy specialist. The Theraplate uses vortex wave circulation therapy which is a non-invasive way to increase circulation and get muscles to rhythmically contract thereby reducing inflammation and pain within the body, The Theraplate is not vibration therapy, so has no adverse impact on injuries and weakness within the body.

Common symptoms of poor circulation include peripheral joint numbness and tingling, coldness and swelling as well as digestive issues and fatigue. Francesca helps clients with various ailments ranging from arthritis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and gluteal tendinopathy to diabetic neuropathy.

For further information please visit: www.juliettebaysham.co.uk or contact:

Jed: info@jrclinicalmassage.co.uk

Sian: 07814 951127

Francesca: 07854 009281

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