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Sian Moss Bsc LCHE

As a qualified Homeopath with a background of working in the pharmaceutical industry, Sian encourages clients to pursue choice in their healthcare, seek understanding of their condition and feel empowered to take a central role in their treatment.

She qualified with a BSc in homeopathy from the Centre of Homeopathic Education, London in 2009 having previously gained a BSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Since qualifying, she has been involved in reviewing clinical trials of homeopathy for publication and lectures in Research methods at CHE in London. She runs a mobile practice and can now be consulted at Essential Health in Great Wilbraham.

Nowadays illness is often chronic, a result of genetic predisposition and exposure to environmental and life stresses. Homeopathy provides an individualised treatment to re-establish wellbeing and quality of life. Sian works with people of all ages and her experience includes treating allergies, female cycle disorders, different types of arthritis and chronic pain. In addition she has seen benefit with those suffering from the effects of stress, grief and adolescent emotional issues.

What is Homeopathy?

As a holistic medical approach, homeopathy considers how each person interacts with their environment, responds to disease and copes with life events in order to devise an individualised treatment plan aimed at restoring balance and establishing improved wellbeing. Homeopathy contributes to your health by helping you to manage it. As a result, the same disease in any group of people could be treated with different remedies. It can also be specifically aimed at conditions causing you concern, as would be the case for example with Hayfever and Upper respiratory tract infections.

The vast majority of homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature. Prescriptions are chosen using a “like curing like” approach, by exploring not only a person’s symptoms, but also their predisposition and susceptibility to disease. In the case of allergies and hayfever it is also crucial to determine triggers.

It is used by some dentists, especially to make treatment such as tooth extraction a less painful experience. It has also been shown to be beneficial postoperatively following surgical procedures.

There is evidence that homeopathy can help coping with the side effects experienced with some prescribed medications and treatments such as chemo and radiotherapy.

It is an individualized medicine with treatment tailored specifically for you.