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  1. Eat more oily fish, nuts and seeds to ensure you're getting enough Omega 3.  This helps to manage insulin resistance which can disturb hormone balance
  2. Eat less refined carbohydrates like sugar, white bread, pasta and rice plus cakes, biscuits and other products containing sugar.  Eating more whole grains and including some protein at every meal helps to balance blood sugar.
  3. PCOS often causes weight gain, but losing weight can help to alleviate its symptoms.  Timing the consumption of calories (with more at breakfast and less at dinner) may help to balance insulin levels and reduce testosterone.
  4. Stress is a major factor associated with PCOS as too much of the stress hormones will lead the body producing more testosterone. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, walking the dog or even watching a comedy can all help.  Anything that brings your shoulders down from around your ears is good!
  5. Exercise is essential for PCOS sufferers as it has two major benefits: it helps with weight loss and with de-stressing.  It also lowers cholesterol and improves insulin sensitivity