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    Clinic Reopening

    Clinic Reopening and Coronavirus Information
    We follow all government advice for healthcare professionals and can now provide face to face treatment. To allow sufficient time between appointments for maintenance of a hygienic clinic environment, we ask anyone wishing to make an appointment to contact us by phone, text and/or email and NOT via the online calendar. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your understanding.
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    Gentle Outdoor Safe Exercise

    Gentle Safe Exercise on the Great Wilbraham Recreation Ground
    Please join us for some gentle exercise in the fresh air and help maintain your physical, emotional and mental health during these challenging times
    No equipment required – just warm loose clothing and a drink
    Cost: £20 for a 4 week block
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    Advanced Soft Tissue Massage and Osteopathic Manipulation with Jed Robinson is now available at Essential Health

    Jed Robinson now offers Advanced Soft Tissue Massage and Osteopathic Manipulation at Essential Health in Great Wilbraham Cambridgeshire
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    Exploring the Evidence for Exercising Everyday

    Exploring the Evidence for Exercising Everyday
    In this article, we look at the benefits of moderate exercise and review the latest research studies which have highlighted some interesting conclusions.
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    Theraplate treatment with Francesca Fox-McConnell now available at Essential Health

    Essential Health now offers Theraplate treatment with Francesca Fox-McConnell in their Great Wilbraham, Cambridge complementary therapies clinic
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    Winter Wellness in the Wilbrahams

    As winter approaches, the nights draw in, the temperature drop, and we see less sunlight than at any other time of the year. Without the sun, we feel the effects of the dark cold days. Although we can take preventative measures including keeping warm, well hydrated and well fed, getting outside whenever we can for some fresh air and exercise, many of us may still succumb to winter illness.

    With winter upon us, we need to take care of ourselves to stay well and complementary therapies maybe helpful
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    Five Pillars of Health: Positive Thinking

    During the winter months, we have seen less sunlight than at any other time of the year. Without the sun, we feel the effects of the dark cold days. Many of us may have suffered from the “winter doldrums”. To help lift our mood before Spring arrives, we consider the fifth Pillar of Health: Positive Thinking.
  • Homeopathy and Ageing - A talk on 20 November 2018 in the Wilbrahams Memorial Hall

    Sian Moss, homeopath, invites you to a talk about what we can expect at our age
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    Homeopathy with Sian Moss BSc LCHE is now available at Essential Health

    Essential Health is pleased to announce it now offers homeopathy with Sian Moss BSc LCHE. Nowadays illness is often chronic, a result of genetic predisposition and exposure to environmental and life stresses. Homeopathy provides an individualised treatment to re-establish wellbeing and quality of life. Sian works with people of all ages and her experience includes treating allergies, female cycle disorders, different types of arthritis and chronic pain. In addition she has seen benefit with those suffering from the effects of stress, grief and adolescent emotional issues.
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    Five Pillars of Health: Restful Sleep

    A good night's sleep is vital to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and is essential for good health. It helps regulate mood, sharpen attention, boost memory and bolster the immune system, but many things in our modern world can disturb our sleeping patterns. Here are some tips for more restorative sleep...
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    Five Pillars of Health: Moderate Exercise

    Moderate exercise is important for our health.  It keeps our organs functioning and our immune system strong. It helps us achieve four essentials of fitness: suppleness, stamina, strength and stability
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    Five Pillars of Health: Balanced Diet

    Food is our sustenance and a balanced diet should be a source of health providing joy as well as nutrition. There are no good or bad foods and no universally good or bad diets. After decades of research, we still don’t know who should eat what or when. What really is a balanced diet?
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    Five Pillars of Health: Adequate Breathing

    Breathing is the first and last thing we do.  It is simple and always there for us. It is a source of energy, relaxation, and calm when needed. By bringing awareness to something we do automatically, all day, every day, breathing can help anchor us in the present moment and provide a pathway to improved health and well-being
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    The Five Pillars of Health

    Five Pillars of Health that can promote wellness and well-being:

    1. Adequate Breathing
    2. Balanced Diet
    3. Moderate Exercise
    4. Restful Sleep
    5. Positive thinking
    We will be exploring each pillar in more detail in future articles, but here are six simple rituals to get you started today
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    Ten Recommendations to Bolster Your Immune Function

    You may choose to vaccinate yourself against viruses, but strengthening your immune system remains the best defense against attacks of chickenpox and shingles.
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    Nutrition for Better Sleep

    Including certain foods in your diet can help improve your sleep
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    Wellness and Well-being

    Wellness and well-being aren't about hard-to-follow programmes or logging your every move. They're about self-care.
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    Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Spices

    Anti Inflammatory Foods and Spices can help fight inflammation throughout your body
  • Natural Ways to Alieviate PCOS

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects how a woman's ovaries work. Symptoms include irregular or absent periods, weight gain, fertility problems, thinning hair and acne. Many women are looking for natural treatments to help reduce these symptoms.
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    A History of Yoga

    Yoga is thought by many to be a "timeless Indian discipline". Recent research challenges this common assumption. Modern yoga classes, as now taught all around the world, could actually be the product of 19th century Scandinavian gymnastics as much as ancient Indian philosophy.